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Had an awesome day, the event was great. All proceeds went to the veteran's home to purchase new beds and other needed items. Ann Mills the National Director of the POW-MIA Families flew in from Washington DC to partake in this event, a great lady who has dedicated her life to this organization. The rodeo was an absolute blast, I have never seen a motorcycle rodeo and have never seen a Harley do barrel racing, but they did !!!!!! If you have the opportunity to see a motorcycle rodeo, please do it was lots of fun and for a great cause. The drag truck in the pictures is my GMC drag truck that I was asked to display, which I thought was a nice honored to be asked. As you can see Jesse D Phelps name has an asterisk next to it, his remains were recovered just recently and will be buried in the Idaho Veterans Cemetery Oct 1,2009, any person wishing to attend the burial and hold a flag is invited to come.


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