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Hi guys. I am looking at purchasing a '69 chevelle. I have always wanted a classic muscle car but stuck to the "tuner" scene while waiting for the right car to come along.

I know it's hard to judge what a car is worth without actually seeing any pictures of it, but if you could give me an educated guess I would really appreciate it and it would put me at ease to know I didn't overpay and also ensure that I don't insult the guy with my offer.

So here are the details of the car. It has had 2 owners since "birth". It is a ND car and has always been garaged both in winter and summer (never driven in the winter). It originally came with a 307 under the hood but has been swapped for a 400 small block with column shift. Car is all original (except engine of course) and just had a brand new interior put in along with a paint job, all original chrome in good shape.. I know a paintjob can hide a lot of things but I feel the owner is being very honest about the condition of the car. Car is very straight and has been a driver for the past 20 or so years.

So given this limited information, what would or could a car like this be worth? I would appreciate any educated estimates that you would be willing to offer. Thanks.
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