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possible timing issue

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I have a 79 camaro with a 383 stroker a couple of days ago I replaced my intake so you knoe I had to pull the distributer and carb i marked the rotor and the body in reference to the fire wall. well i switched out the intake bolted everything back up until that is I got to the distributer it didnt want to go in the way I pulled it out like one of my friends played a sick joke and turned the crank while I went to take a break. anyway it didnt start up so I removed the distrb and brought the #1 cyl to top dead center. i did this two ways removing valve cover and watching intake valve closing and also removed #1 plug and had some one put their finger there to feel the air push their finger out. then I droped the distrib back in with the roter facing #1 plug in the cap. it fires up but doesnt want to stay running. did i do somthing wrong or is it somthing else
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so I should advance the timing by turning the distrib counter clockwise?
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