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Hello Team Chevelle -

Normally I submit questions regarding my '70 Chevelle. Today I'm looking for some help on a problem with my Son's Camaro.

He has a '92 Camaro with a 305 V8 and TBI that suddenly died on him while driving on the freeway. He had the car towed home and the first thing I check for problems was the fuel injection. The TBI is working fine with fuel spraying out of both injectors into the bowl.

Next we checked for spark and found that there was no spark to the plugs. We also tested the coil wire and it has a strong blue arc to ground. The battery appears to be strong. Headlights burn bright and the radio, dash and electric trunk release are working fine. And the 20 foot fanbelt (etal) is turning, so I'm assuming the timing chain isn't busted?

This morning we replace the ignition module (ECM), rotor and distributor cap. We now have spark to the plugs. However the car still won't start. Again, the Throttle Body Injection seems to be working fine. We can visually see fuel being injected into each bowl.

I thought it might be starter related but if that was the case, that wouldn't have caused the car to suddenly die while driving.

I'm really stuck guys! Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

aka: Doublexx
Anaheim, CA
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