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Possible 10's with my new topend combo...

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current combo is budget but will be replace next year with a better build up long block,but....for the time being heres the plan.

355 stock short block +.030 over
Dart S/S 165 heads with 72cc chambers
Summit .224/[email protected] .465/.488 lift with crane 1.5's on a 114LSA
Hooker Mid-length headers-3" with 3"x-pipe into Hooker aerochambers
Weiand 142 blower running 8psi currently
750DP by Proform(basically a Holley HP carb)
Electric fans,170gph Holley mechanical pump with 1/2" line from tank to carb
Petronix HEI,MSD 6AL and a cold AC/DELCO plug

ATI TH-350 Built to handle 800hp which is what I want someday
ATI 10" 3000-3200 Treemaster
12 bolt,3.73,eaton aftermarket posi/toms axles 325/50R15 M/T DR's

I want to change/upgrade...................

Weiand 177 blower running 8-10psi if possible
Meth injection universal kit for carbs to keep detonation out
Proform 950/Holley 950HP carb
Keep the small Dart 165 heads,blend bowls replace springs at this time
.244/.254 @.050 .509/.533 lift with my 1.5's on a 112LSA cam kit
Moroso trick front and rear springs,fiberglass fenders to match the hood

Sounds like this short block won't last long huh? Maybe not,but a solid [email protected] would be nice before I rebuild a strong 383 next year. I'd like to keep the 177 topend,go to a bigger aluminum head and hope for consistant mid 10's being somewhat reliable/streetable. Whos thinks the 165 Dart heads will be my downfall as with the hydraulic cam? What do you think? Any ideas of how to get there? Im running a few more psi of boost since I went to the track last and I feel like a solid 12.00 car now. I must drop a solid 1.1 second to meet my goal...........who believes in me?
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this is what my buddy has in his camaro. 406. a 142 blower dart 215 heads. the only think I don't know is the cam. it runs 10.80's all day long. but if you do you research a blower needs the heads to have a good volume of air flow. if you get a set of 200 or larger heads and the 177 blower with a cam built for the combo you will have no problem reaching 10s
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