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pontiac, superduty

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can anyone tell me what years pontiac made the the super duty firebird? i am not sure if it was a trans am or not but it was a 455 car around 72-74? maybe someone knows of a website i can look up. thanks vern
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Tex66 has the scoop on them for sure.

Herb Adams said that they had originally wanted to have enough parts on hand to produce 1000 SD-455 engines by the time the long-lead press preview happend for the '73 models, but due to pilferage at the plants they only had enough parts for 600 engines - they had lost 400 sets of parts to theft within the plant! There are probably more sets of parts around (or at least 'were') than were SD-455s released into production due to that. That may also be responsible in part for the SD-455 not materializing in the '73 GTO & Grands Am as originally planned.

I think that another 943 SD-455 trans Ams were made in '74 plus about 30 or so Formula 455 'birds. Those Formula 455 'birds had a shaker scoop like the Trans Am instead of the usual twin hood scoops when the SD-455 was under the hood.

It was certainly the best 455 Pontiac there ever was. That is especially surprising considering that it came out in the smog era and OPEC did it's part as well.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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