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How to search on : A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will walk you through a variety of search techniques, and useful menu options, for finding what you need from the vast amount of information that is already here. Learning how to search is often the quickest way to get the answers to your questions!


I. Performing a simple forum search:

  1. Click search from the lower of the two site menus (shown below)
  2. Click in the search box and type in “key words” regarding the topic you are interested in (ie. gas tank pressure)
  3. Then press the [Enter] key or click the Go button

Forum posts containing your key words will be listed on the resulting screen (shown below). Often times multiple pages of posts will result. Simply click a page number, located in the lower right corner of the screen, to view another page!

Click on a title to view the post. Your key words are shown in red. Like this example screen (shown below).


II. Performing an advanced forum search:

  1. Click search from the lower of the two site menus (shown below)
  2. Then click Advanced Search at the bottom of the search box

The screen that follows has a field for typing in your “key words”, as well as options for narrowing down your search results, such as Find Posts from: (shown below) which allows you to search through only more recent posts, if desired. Give them a try!

You can also search for posts made by a specific Team Chevelle member!


III. How to search through ONLY the forum you are currently in:

At times you may be viewing posts in a specific forum (ie. Transmission & Driveline) and would like to perform a search, but only in that forum. It’s easy!
  1. Once you are in a specific forum, click Search this Forum located on the far right of the screen (shown below)
  2. Click in the search box and type in your “key words"
  3. Then press the [Enter] key or click the Go button


IV. How to see if people have responded to your posts (or posts you have participated in):

Unless you specify otherwise, when you post a comment the site flags you as “subscribing” to that topic (or thread). This is very useful since it allows you to easily see if anyone else has posted a comment after yours!

  1. Click Quick Links from the lower site menu (shown below)
  2. Then click Subscribed Threads

Any topics (threads) that others have posted to, since your last post, will appear in boldface print!


V. How to display more forum topics (threads) than just “today’s”:

By default, when you select a forum it will list threads containing posts from today only. To list threads from more than today follow the steps below.

  1. Select a forum to view (ie. Chevelle Tech)
  2. Next (at the bottom of the screen, under Display Options) select a different interval of time, next to “From The” (shown below)
  3. Then click the Show Threads button


VI. Advanced Search Tip:

In order to find the most relevant threads matching your “key words” it would be nice if you could search for an exact phrase such as “Door lock”.

Using the steps below you can! This tip not only searches through recent threads, but archives and other pages as well. Here’s how:

  1. Click this Search Page link (It will open an advanced Google search page)
  2. In the field called “with the exact phrasetype your search phrase surrounded by double quotes and follow that by also typing (see example screen below)
  3. Then press [Enter] or click the Google Search button
Shown below, is an example searching for the phrase “door lock” on by typing "door lock"

The resulting pages will only be ones matching your exact phrase!


VII. Technical Reference Series:

Lots of great information is also available, regarding common topics, by going to the Chevelle Tech Reference page. If you haven't seen this you're in for a treat!


Thanks for taking the time to read these tips and enjoy!


*** Please don't post replys within this document. Thanks! ***
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