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Please help me id this rear end

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First, the car is a 72 El Camino. It was originally a SS 350 4spd if that matters. When I purchased it a few years ago, I was told it had a Pontiac 12 bolt 3.42 gear in it. That's about as much as I know aside from the following pictures.

It appears to have a C-Clip eliminator kit installed. Possibly bigger axles.
To keep you from having to count I believe they are 31 spline. 1.2326" diameter.

Years ago I bought a disk brake kit and I'm trying to install it. I believe the C-Clip eliminator kit is messing me up. That's another story, I'm just trying to confirm the ID of the rear end and modifications so I can figure out the next step in the rebuild.

I'm not sure if there are other numbers or information you need. Please let me know.

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Not a BOP, it's the '68 to '70 Olds Cutlass O rear end. That's not a c clip eliminator, that is how those rear ends were built. They have press on axle bearings and retainers like the 9 inch Ford. If you bought a brake kit for a Chevy rear end then send it back. It won't work.
Believe me, it's the '68 to '70 Olds Cutlass O rear end. Parts are available for them, but not a lot, and they are more expensive than for the Chevy rear ends. If you are able to find caliper brackets to fit it then check and see if they are cut so that they will fit over the axle without having to press the axle bearings off. If you have to remove the axle bearings to get the brackets on then you will have to get new bearings. The bearings can not be pressed off and used again. The caliper brackets will take the place of the axle retainer plates that you have now.
Yea, your axle retainers look like they are from Moser. The original retainers were stamped sheet metal and must be installed before the bearing.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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