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Piston stop ignorance, what am I doing wrong

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Installing a Cloyes true roller timing set and I'm looking for TDC on the #1 piston. So do I rotate the crank until the sprocket mark is at twelve and run the stop in and get all happy :hurray: when the it doesn't go in it's total length or do I screw in the stop and get happy when I rotate the crank by hand and I can't turn the crank any farther? Seems to me that depending on how much I screw the stop into the cylinder that I could have the piston make contact before It reaches it's highest point.
what am I missing here :confused:?
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You rotate it one way until it hits the stop, put a mark on the degree wheel where your pointer is. Rotate back the other direction until it hits the stop ,mark your degree wheel. Take the stop out and half way between your two marks is TDC.

Doesn't matter where the stop is as long as you don't move it. Just put anything that the piston can touch somewhere. It doesn't need to be with the piston at the top of the cylinder.
If you are just installing a timing chain without degreeing the cam, put the dot on the cam gear at 6:00 and the dot on the crank at 12:00. Both dots at 12:00 would be correct also since the crank turns twice for every one turn of the camshaft.

The piston stop is used to find true TDC .
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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