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Piston stop ignorance, what am I doing wrong

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Installing a Cloyes true roller timing set and I'm looking for TDC on the #1 piston. So do I rotate the crank until the sprocket mark is at twelve and run the stop in and get all happy :hurray: when the it doesn't go in it's total length or do I screw in the stop and get happy when I rotate the crank by hand and I can't turn the crank any farther? Seems to me that depending on how much I screw the stop into the cylinder that I could have the piston make contact before It reaches it's highest point.
what am I missing here :confused:?
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Be aware if it's a BBC with flat top pistons it may not contact the piston enough to stop it. I ran into this last week with a friend's car. Also, you should loosen the rockers on that cyl enough to free the pushrods so the valves don't open against the stop. Remove all spark plugs to make the engine easier to turn and if you loosen all the rockers it will be easier yet. Disconnect the battery so the there's no way the started can accidentally get engaged.
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