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Piston stop ignorance, what am I doing wrong

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Installing a Cloyes true roller timing set and I'm looking for TDC on the #1 piston. So do I rotate the crank until the sprocket mark is at twelve and run the stop in and get all happy :hurray: when the it doesn't go in it's total length or do I screw in the stop and get happy when I rotate the crank by hand and I can't turn the crank any farther? Seems to me that depending on how much I screw the stop into the cylinder that I could have the piston make contact before It reaches it's highest point.
what am I missing here :confused:?
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So I don't worry about where #1 piston is while I'm installing my timing chain. Get the two sprockets lined up and the timing set all installed and then play with the piston stop. Does it matter how far the stop goes into the cylinder?
I am installing a new cam so I will be using the degree wheel. No lifters or push rod yet.
Let's try this from a different angle. A piston stop will get me in the neighborhood and then I should remove it and put my crankshaft timing mark at 12 o'clock. Since I am doing a cam change only on a good running engine I should be able the trust that the crank is right. So if the dot on the camshaft pulley is directly above the O on my Cloyes true roller timing set I can set my degree wheel to zero and degree the cam. Does this sound right?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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