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piston install orientation

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Hi guys,

Finally starting to put everything together now. I have some simple orientation questions so I don't install things wrong.

I read in other posts that the connecting rod tangs face the outside of the block and the big end chamfer faces the side of the crank journal, not the other rod that shares the journal. Good

But how about the pistons? The picture below is the piston I will be using. (SRP inverted dome part #138103 for a 383)
In the picture below does the 'A side' face the outside of the block and the 'B side' face the lifter valley?

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That is correct, upper is in the rod, lower the cap. Make sure and use some real good lubricant on the pin, especially if the engine is going to sit for a while. I use GM's EOS. Another thing, dont know if you actually had it checked, but I have been finding more and more aftermarket rods lately that really do not have enough pin clearance. With everything clean and dry, or with just a touch of WD40, the pin should pretty much fall through the piston and pin. If not, it needs to be checked and pin fit if needed. I have had to hone a little out of almost every set of Eagle rods I have seen lately. Same with a couple of Scat's.

Hope this helps,
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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