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piston install orientation

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Hi guys,

Finally starting to put everything together now. I have some simple orientation questions so I don't install things wrong.

I read in other posts that the connecting rod tangs face the outside of the block and the big end chamfer faces the side of the crank journal, not the other rod that shares the journal. Good

But how about the pistons? The picture below is the piston I will be using. (SRP inverted dome part #138103 for a 383)
In the picture below does the 'A side' face the outside of the block and the 'B side' face the lifter valley?

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Heads up - Caution

B faces the intake (valley)

Mike (Wolfplace) [End Quote]

Hi plc guru, personally I would put the "B" side to the exhaust here, towards the outer side of the block. The valve notches go towards the intake, the lifter side. That's the way it's done. Unless I'm missing something here?

(Add) The chamfer and bearing tang location's you have correct, tang's to the pan rails, large chamfer's to the sides of the throws, away from each other.

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. Not sure what Mike was thinking here. I know he knows which way they go!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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