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piston install orientation

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Hi guys,

Finally starting to put everything together now. I have some simple orientation questions so I don't install things wrong.

I read in other posts that the connecting rod tangs face the outside of the block and the big end chamfer faces the side of the crank journal, not the other rod that shares the journal. Good

But how about the pistons? The picture below is the piston I will be using. (SRP inverted dome part #138103 for a 383)
In the picture below does the 'A side' face the outside of the block and the 'B side' face the lifter valley?

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well, the best way when not sure, set the head on end and hold the piston up to it as if it were in the engine, then you can imagine how the relationship to valves/piston will take place-as noted, make sure the rods radiused side is against the crank-also note, some rod bearing halfs are marked upper/lower, depending on what you are working with
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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