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Pinion Angle Question ('72 Chevelle)

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Ok, I did search and I'm still confused :confused:

Let me give you background on my car/situation. I have a '72 Chevelle (12 bolt/TH350 not that it matters, just in case someone asks). I lowered the front and rear with Hotchkis 1" springs. After lowering the car was when my buddy and I checked the pinion angle and notice the rear was down (several degrees, more like 4 to 5 degrees). His experience is that the rears on most cars he's owned have an upward angle (2+ degrees).

We installed UMI adjustable upper control arms and it appears we're almost maxed out on the adjustment in an attempt to get the rear end pointed upward more. We're still 4-5 degrees lower than my car's trans angle with the adjustment on the UMI control arms almost all the way out (this doesn't seem right at all).

Wondering if I should shim (use spacers) on my transmission to get the proper angles. If so, any suggestion a good place online to get these at?

Am I doing this all wrong???? Help me oh Chevelle guru's :D
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Yep :yes:

The closest match I found was a thread where guy had lowered his car (like me) and had vibrations issues. He adjusted his car's rear end up a few degrees and still had the vibration. The responses were more specific to his car's needs and setup (mine is much further out of angle than his appeared to be). I'm more so interested to get responses from folks with a similar year car (and similar suspension setup) to see what their pinion angles are and if they've experienced this issue and how they corrected it (or how I can correct it).

At this point, I'm leaning toward putting shims/plates under my transmission in an attempt to slightly raise it and adjust the angle from that end (in addition to what I've already gotten out of adjusting the rear upper control arms).

Think I may be able to get the adjustability out of the rear upper arms, especially since putting in new bushings (the old ones were shot). Also, with new trans mount and extra plate/spacer that will help my angle.

Word of caution to those that don't know this already, if you plan to install rear upper bushings in your car, holy sh!t is it not fun or easy (especially with rear end still on the car). Used poly bushings and those suckers fought the entire way on (sucked, but eventually got them in).

Oh, and "Mike", well nevermind (deleted by sn75).......

It's a joke, look at his posts and you'll get it :p
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