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Thanks again for the kind comments guys.

The motor is gen IV 3963512 block, Nov '69 casting date, 2 bolt, hasn't been decked and has a CZU suffix that codes back to a '70 454 Corvette. It's .030 over, 4340 crank, 8.5:1 Sealed Power blower pistons, 1.6 roller rockers, matching 3964290 oval port heads, Crane cam. Got really lucky and scored some hard to find B&M no logo valve covers, then added Earl's PCV/breather combo. Up top is a B&M 420 (slightly larger than a 6-71) with Teflon strips, two Holley 850's from The Carb Shop, with a BDS scoop and two K&N's. Misc stuff includes Hooker headers, Flowmaster exhaust, Lokar dipsticks, Team G water pump, March alt bracket, Tilton super starter, Be Cool rad, Spal pusher, Moroso overflow.

I'm in the process of finishing the installation of a brand spankin new Mike's Ultimate 400 w/trans brake, along with one of his custom 9.5" converters. I'm still plumbing the new Perma Cool cooler, and having braided lines made.

Oh yeah, the seats... I wish I knew more, but I'm pretty sure they are some stock 60's Chevy seats that have been recovered. Kinda cool, so I kept them. You might notice that the drivers seat is boosted up about 1.5" on some round stock billet pieces so I can see over the blower. Makes it way easier for me to drive being 5'6", LOL.

It's really a weekend street car and a rolling project for me. Far from perfect, but a heck of a lot of fun to drive around!
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