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Photos on PCV valve set up on a 70 SS

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Does anyone have a photo of there PCV set up from valve cover to carb. on a 1970 SS? They show 2 different clips that hold the hose one mounts to the intake and one mounts to the carb. stud. This is a Big Block 454. Any help?

Thank you.
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If it's not a big problem can you send a photo or 2. I still need to get my air cleaner set up but still want to set up the pcv first and few other things like all my vacuum lines. If you have a photo of your vacuum set up on the manifold and carb that would help..

Thank you
Got it. I was able to see the set up on your youtube. I am using an edelbrock that has the port on the front. Great photo's and great work. I was unable to to see all the vacuum lines but I think I got the PCV set up with no clips.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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