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Photos on PCV valve set up on a 70 SS

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Does anyone have a photo of there PCV set up from valve cover to carb. on a 1970 SS? They show 2 different clips that hold the hose one mounts to the intake and one mounts to the carb. stud. This is a Big Block 454. Any help?

Thank you.
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No clips were used. On the open element and cowl induction air cleaners the PCV hose went under the rear fuel line, around the front of the carb and then a 90 degree bend into the PVC valve on the passenger side valve cover. On some of the dual snorkel air cleaners the PCV hose went around the rear with two clips on the air cleaner while some went around the front and used no clips. I can email you photos if needed.
We'll do Dave. I need to add, I am stuck on LS6/L78 mode so if this is an LS5, the PCV hose would come from the front of the carb and around to the valve cover but still no clips that hold it.
You have an email with many more as well.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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