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PCV port

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Because of the way the carb. sits on the manifold I don't have access to the manifold vacuum port in the manifold. I only have the one port at the base of the carb. for manifold vacuum. I am using this port for my brake booster. My question is can I tee into this hose and use it for my PCV valve as well or will that mess up my brake assist? If not, any other ideas for a place to connect my PCV valve? Thanks.
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don't tee into the power brake vacuum line. The PCV is a good-sized vacuum leak, not what you want near your brakes.

best bet is to either drill and tap the manifold or install a small carb spacer that has port or can be drilled for one.

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Try to get a low-profile tee from an auto parts store like NAPA, it looks something like a 3/4 or 13/16 nut that has threaded ports on the sides for vac line fittings.
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