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Pattern check please

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This is 12 bolt. 3.90:1 with .038 pinion shim and .009 - .010 bl
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Thanks. This was first assembly. What little I know, buy the way this looks I don't think I need to cahnge pinion depth any. The gearset was marked for .010 bl. It dose check at .008 & .009 at one spot. I suppose I should increase this to meet the .010 min.
As always, thanks for your help. Your experience and opinion are greatly appreciated. I was only concerned about the .010 minimum as Richmond states not to be any closer than that marked on gear. As I check the bl I am right at .010 except for one quadrant that is @ .0085. Run out is spot on, maybe a bit of oil on tooth during check. I wont worry. Open another beverage and enjoy going together for good.
Roger that. We'll see where I am at after final assembly.
Just thought I would post the final assembly pics. I added @ .003 to right side. Now have .010- .011 bl. The preload was tighter, but I don't think I added too much. These are new bearings. Thanks again for help.
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