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I just bought my second set of aluminum heads in one month. This time I bought a set of NOS 3946074 HEADS. (PAID THROUGHT THE NOSE). My question is this, the boxes are original and I can't decode the part numbers on the boxes "3946072"???

Also the heads are dated 1973, I thought they only made the heads for L-88's and ZL-1's from 1969 to 1971? Any assistance is EXTREMELY appreciated.

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Part number on the head is the head casting number. Part number on the box is the machined head assembly that GM sold as a service part. Generally, GM did not sell bare castings so, technically, you could never buy an unmachined 3946074 head. GM used part numbers to track parts internally, not just in vehicle assembly or service. Many part numbers used for internal control were never sold in service.
Service Parts frequently remained in production long after the original application went away.

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