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Paint - suspension, front-end, etc

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We need help. My son and I are working on a 1970 Chevelle SS (clone). I have found all the paint I need at The questions we have are what colors are we supposed to paint the control arms, shocks, springs, calipers, stabilizer bars, spindle, brake shields, tie rod, centerlink, idler arm, pitman arm, steering gearbox, etc, etc. I have underhood black, chassis black, gray detail, silver , cast gray, etc. A website/URL, a book (with color pictures) would be greatly appreciated. It's getting cold in Minnesota and we don't have many "painting days" left.
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i just finished doing my whole front end on my convertible using eastwood underhood detail kit.i am very happy the way thing turn out and look.what i did was use a twisted wire wheel on a die grinder to clean my part,then used eastwood paint prep cleaner to remove all the dirt,primed and painted.i also used the suggestion paint colors from the above is a picture i took today

heres the link to the rest of the pictures


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