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Paint for Frame, Underside, and Firewall.

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I have a 67 CA car that has some surface rust on the under side of the body and frame but nothing serious. I was going to take a wire wheel to frame, underside, and firewall and then spray with something to protect it. I have been looking at the Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Black Aerosol and then going over it with some Eastwood Chassis Black Satin Aerosol.

I'm not married to these they just look like the simplest to work with and im working out of my garage and have limited resources.

I'm only looking for something simple that will hopefully make it last awhile longer.

Any input would help. Thanks!
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After the wheel, hit the bad spots with a little hand sanding. Give everything you can reach an acetone wipe. I think you'll need about a dozen cans of the chassis black to really do it well. Have a helper shaking cans because as you lay it on the temperature will come down inside the can it'll start to spit and you'll need to switch to another one before the can is out and so forth. I highly suggest removing the wiring harness over painting over them if you want a professional look. Give a thought to using some other shades or brands of chassis or satin black on under hood areas. Everything in one tone while a car is assembled looks like a spray bomb job. For instance, use a different tone of the frame rails and the parts of the upper control arms you can reach. Heater box and wiper motor done separately. Master cylinder in cast iron paint.
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