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Painless Wiring?

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Anyone ever installed one of these kits? I was looking at the 18 circuit, and wanted to know if it really is "painless" I understand there are several connectors I will have to make up, but I'm cool with that. I like the new style push in fuses, and I really would like something more modern than the old style wiring.

Although, I do know that painless makes kits specific for certain cars - and for a much more reasonable price than buying an aftermarket reproduction kit. I added it all up, and I think that to re-wire my car with "stock" style wiring would be about a grand. A painless kit can be had for a couple of hundred dollars.

Anyhow - any advice on this one?
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If you are starting totally from scratch and don't have a lot of factory accessories, the Painless wiring would work fine. If you are using factory gauges, ignition switch, headlights, wipers etc, the repro harness for your car would be a better choice because it has all of the right connectors on it and the fuse block fits in the firewall where the original was. The factory harness has all of the coverings where they are supposed to be and the wires are all the correct length. I don't know if your 65 has the flat wire harness that runs to the rear to power the tail lights and such, but I don't think that part of the harness is reproduced and you will have to use the old one.
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