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Painless Wiring?

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Anyone ever installed one of these kits? I was looking at the 18 circuit, and wanted to know if it really is "painless" I understand there are several connectors I will have to make up, but I'm cool with that. I like the new style push in fuses, and I really would like something more modern than the old style wiring.

Although, I do know that painless makes kits specific for certain cars - and for a much more reasonable price than buying an aftermarket reproduction kit. I added it all up, and I think that to re-wire my car with "stock" style wiring would be about a grand. A painless kit can be had for a couple of hundred dollars.

Anyhow - any advice on this one?
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Yeah, most of the wiring in my car right now is junked. Since this is a daily, I would like to go with something a little more modern than the original wiring harness, although I have bought a couple of the repo harnesses and had very good luck with their fit. So, that would be one plus to gettting a repo kit.

But with the painless kit, I could somewhat modernize my setup. So that's a plus there...

I'll let you all know the way I go here in a few days when I get it rolling.
Yeah, they are nice, but man, are they expensive. That's why I was looking at the painless kits. And with the 18 circuit kit, I would be able to add-on when I'm ready to upgrade to power windows, locks, automatic bed cover - etc.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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