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Painless Wiring?

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Anyone ever installed one of these kits? I was looking at the 18 circuit, and wanted to know if it really is "painless" I understand there are several connectors I will have to make up, but I'm cool with that. I like the new style push in fuses, and I really would like something more modern than the old style wiring.

Although, I do know that painless makes kits specific for certain cars - and for a much more reasonable price than buying an aftermarket reproduction kit. I added it all up, and I think that to re-wire my car with "stock" style wiring would be about a grand. A painless kit can be had for a couple of hundred dollars.

Anyhow - any advice on this one?
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hey i just finished putting a complete painless system in my 65. it worked great. only things i would say is theres no reverse light wires, the brake switch wires have to be rerouted back inside the car(do that BEFORE you install the harness) and the wiper switch wire has to be routed to the motor, and in my case then back in; the switch provides ground on mine. right now the car dont shut off at the switch, but if i unplug the altenator it turns off. leave the alt. unplugged, and the switch works fine. sooo, i think the alt. may be bad ill figure it out....
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