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Painless Wiring Kits. opinions?

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my brother is rewireing my chevelle , he's saying a painless wiring kit is what i want. i think he's right.

what is your guys opinions on these kits? good quality? good instructions? good price?

any opinions welcome!
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Amen Scott, I would say the exact same thing about the Painless Kits. Although, I might give them an A- ;)

I initially installed my kit using their connectors, and wired everything up just to verify that it worked. Every weekend since then, I've been going back and cleaning things up - soldering all the connections, and hiding as much of the wire as possible. I actually enjoy doing that kind of stuff, since you can immediately see the results.

I believe you'd be pretty happy with the Painless kit, and if you have any questions while installing it, please don't hesitate to ask!
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Which kit are you purchasing? And, what other "accessory" kits are you getting with it? When I installed mine, I changed out the ignition switch, the headlight switch, the wiper switch, the battery wire set, and installed a gauge harness, and LED's for warning lights.

I think the 18 circuit kit runs about 350, if I remember right, I'm not too sure about the smaller kits.
Probably not a bad deal then - I'd check and a few of the other places around - like as well, and see if you can get the best deal possible.

Shipping shouldn't be too bad on that kit either - as it's not that big.
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