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Painless Wiring Kits. opinions?

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my brother is rewireing my chevelle , he's saying a painless wiring kit is what i want. i think he's right.

what is your guys opinions on these kits? good quality? good instructions? good price?

any opinions welcome!
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I've done 2 now, and soon to install a 3rd. I find them easy and I like the new blade style fuses. I've done one with a GM column, it was a total breeze, had a bracket for the fuseblock and the column wires plugged right in. I have also done another with a non-GM column and the hardest part of that is tracing all the wires in the column to know what to hook up where. All in all, I'd give painless a B+.
My only complaint with them is the connectors that come with thier kits are cheapo crimp on ones, do yourself a favor and get a good soldering gun and alot of shrink tubing. It's the right way to connect all those light pigtails and other miscellaneous connectors. I'm not a huge fan of crimp on connectors for the long term connections.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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