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Painless Q's

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Ok guys I have a few questions involving the installation of the 12-Circuit Universal Painless Harness in my 70...

When hooking up my turn signal switch wires to the harness on the column all the wires matched up except there are two extra wires coming out of the harness on the column a green/white stripe wire and a tan/white stripe wire, what are these?

Down at the bottom of my steering column right before it goes through the firewall there is a white plastic piece mounted to the column with a connector on it and a green and orange wire both were already cut when I took my dash apart, I think they may have been a safety so you couldnt start the car without it in park (used to be column shift) am I right?

On the ignition plug on the column closest to the driver there is three wires going to the plug a red, orange and green, my Painless kit came with this plug but just had the orange and red wires in it, I believe this too may have something to do with the thing at the bottom of the column in my previous question

I have the SS dash with the full guage package and the harness that plugs into the back of the gauges and connects to the printed circuit board has 14 wires going to it my Painless kit only has the following wires for the dash:
Oil press
Volt meter
Fuel level
Tach wire
Temp wire
Right turn indicator wire
Left turn " "
High Beam ""
A/C & Heat switch wire
Wiper wire
and Instrument lighting wire
How do I wire up my dash? Is the plug availabe from Ground Up I havent browsed the catalog yet...

Trying to wire up the dome light and door jamb switches Painless has Domelight power wire and Domelight ground wire, DJS on the driver side has a white and black wire on it, DJS on pass side has just a white wire, here is how I was going to wire it up, wire the white wires (which my Haynes manual says are ground but then again also shows two wires coming out of each switch go figure) together and run them up to the "Dome light Return Terminal"(worded from the Painless manual) on my headlight switch, then run the dome light power wire (comes direct from fuse block) to my dome light then the dome light ground wire from the dome light to the black wire on the DJS on the drivers side, does this sound right?

Other than these little setbacks installation has been pretty painless...

Thanks in advance I know its alot to read, any help appreciated.

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Ok I looked at my dash connector again and it does have 14 wires BUT 12 connectors, 2 of them are doubled up, my right turn and left turn signal indicating lights, are the ones, they are both the same color (no white strip or nothin) should I just connect both of these together to the one wire that came for each signal in the Painless kit or just eliminate one of the wires? Also do I need run any ground wires for my dash/gauges? Or does the printed circuit board take care of that the way it bolts to the back of the gauges? (thats what it looks like to me anyway) Thats all I can think of for now Im going back out to the garage sure I will be back on here with more questions later on thanks guys...
Thanks for the replies Elree, you have now enabled me too finish the dash and now move on to the headlights and another question.

The Painless kit comes with a wire for the headlight and the high beam for both sides so we have 4 wires total...

Its difficult for me to explain the stock wiring so anyone familiar with headlight wiring in a '70 will probably be the one to help me, my question is can I just run the headlight wire to my HL and a ground wire off my HL having only 2 wires tied into my HL now instead of 3 since the high beam wiring included in the Painless kit is entirely seperate? Hopefully someone who has done this before can help once again this is the 12-Circuit kit, thanks again guys
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