Painless Performance 18 circuit 69-74 GM muscle car wiring harness. I bought this brand new from Summit Racing years ago, and never used it. It's been sitting on a shelf inside it's original box in my year round temperature controlled garage,( which is heated in the winter, cooled in the summer). The box and it's contents have never been exposed to heat nor severe cold nor dampness in any way. The box has been opened merely to confirm it's contents. I have never installed nor have I ever taken apart any of the wiring nor the parts. I think the price is more than fair. The buyer pays for shipping, and I would expect to be paid through paypal or Venmo. I had written my name on the box, (which I have crossed out) my car model, and year on the box because I had originally planned to bring it to the body shop that painted my car and have them install it, but I never did that. So it has remained in my garage at my residence. There are no defects in this product that I know of. It is exactly the way I received it from Summit Racing when I purchased it. I could use the money, so I'm willing to take a loss on this by selling it for this price. Please don't contact me if you're looking to haggle about the price. And please be sure this is the wiring harness you want, because there will be no refund granted if you change your mind after the purchase. Thanks in advance.
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