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Other ways to confirm SS in 70...

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I know the easy ways that could indicate an SS but I've also heard of things that are harder to fake, one being that the Malibu had a chrome piece of trim on the quarter. Not sure what piece of trim I've seen refered to but can someone post pics?

Also I've read about the steering shaft...what should I be looking for there?

What else is not one of the obvious indicators?
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My small block Malibu came from the factory with bolts in steering flange 3/8" fuel line, gauges with tach, F41 suspension with disc brakes, long story short no build sheet you got nothing unless the serial on block matches the vin. So if you have a NOM car with no build sheet all you have for sure is a 70 chevelle made by Chevrolet. Keep in mind that build sheet and the block stamp can be faked.
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