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original SS grill

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A local guy is building a 67 and asked if I had any parts. Told him I had the original grill along with a bunch of other stuff.
What is an original grill (-) the SS emblem worth? It is not bent up and has normal scratches and small dings from bugs and such.
He is going to come over to look and I need to know a reasonable price to price it at.
I also have all window trim, except the top front, grill and rear end trim.
Any ideas?
Thanks, as always.
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I plan to attend. If not raining, I am driving the Chevelle.
If raining, probably the Mustang (is that allowed?) LOL
I have to bone up on the schedule for that day ie: times of each and the meeting also.
Be good to see you and the rest of the crowd,
Thanks for the reply, Kevin.
John, I would drive the wife's '04 Mach I.
I just bought a 68 Mustang project to fix up....get er done one day.
The guy is talking of getting what he "needs".
I am thinking of offering the front and rear pieces, hood and trunk trim, along with some new leftover stuff I inadvertantly double ordered (door mirror, water shields for doors, etc) for one total price......take it or leave it.
Thanks for the replies.......
hey, that Mustang is stock and will blow the doors off some of your Chevelle's :p l:)
but not my 67 :noway:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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