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Has anyone tried OPGI's dash speakers that they're selling for $39.95?? They say that they're a high-watt replacement and mount right into the factory brackets. I am going to order some and I'd like to know anyone's experience with them. Do they distort or anything? Thanks alot.

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Shawn, They don't give much info, watts or who produces them, but they are probably ok if you just want to listen to them alone and not everyone else within a two block area.

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But all it needs is a harmonic balancer.....
I believe what they sell are the Custom Autosound speakers. Now they are decent upgrades to the factory ones and I have installed two sets. But next time I am installing a set of 4x6 plate speakers and simply add two small L shaped brackets to mount them. More quality sound at about the same price.

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From what I've heard, they're good if you want to listen to the beach Boys at half volume. But don't try to play any Van Halen, or you'll be out $40.

Does that explain it?
I have a set. Here is the deal. They sound OK but are pretty poor in terms of bass. But hey, they are small and therefore can't move a lot of air. To top it off, they have to sit beneath the metal dash so fidelity is not an easy thing to achieve (not to mention separation). If your radio is the typical setup (i.e. not extra power amp) then their wattage should be no problem.

I wish there was a better way to get more bass in the front. (I'm not talking gut pounding thumping, just a decent amount.) Since stereo separation in the front through the dash is not practical, what I thought would be better is to use just one larger 6x4 speaker combine the right and left channels. The problem is that modern radios don't like the commons combined and there is no simple way to do this that I know of. But that would produce much better results.

I believe all vendors get them from Custom Auto sounds.

I bought mine straight from the source.

My opinion...

"Ain't nothin' special"

Great "to get the job done" for a stock am radio, but I've heard better to put it nicely.

My '70 has the stereo dash pad, and the stock AM radio.

I had to wire the two speakers in series to yield 8 ohms, because stock radios are meant to be used with 8 to 10 ohm speakers.

Are you planning on stock radio or aftermarket???

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Hey Coppertop,
Glad to see someone developing the audio accesories section....I also wanted to use the existing dash mounts for a stereo pair; I suspected those speaks everyone is talking about were just above mediocre.
My question to you, or anyone else with a stereo knowledgebase, is what dimensions for area and depth are max for those mount locations and who makes a coaxial to fit the above that will handle +/- 40 watts (non-preamp) per channel??
Additionally, what size and manufac. of enclosure speaks sound great to excellent mounted under rear dash panel of El Camino's?
Thanks and Merry Xmas.
I just got through putting a pair of Sony 4X6's into the dash on my 72 Elky. I used the stock speaker and drilled out the rivets on the brackets then used plastic wire ties to hold them in place so they can flex a little to fit in the dash. But plumbers tape (the holes bracket that comes with most stereos) would work just fine to make them. You can't go with a big magnet and have them fit right. Unless you don't mind modifying the dash brackets. I found that they have "NO" bass and at high volume get pretty harsh. I haven't figured out what I want to do with the doors. I will probably wind up making fiberglass door panels to house a 3way MB Quartz system. I have decided that the rear portion behind the seat isn't big enought to do what I want and really get some sound in there. I'm spoiled from stuff I've had in the past. I am thinking about cutting out the stash bin and mounting a cabinet from the bed into that area and porting it back into the cab. It shouldn't be to hard with the bed access panel there to get at it. Then I'll still have storage behind the reat seat.
Any other ideas out there?

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