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I have two gas caps, One I think is a NOS cap and the other one came off a 66 chevelle in the scrap yard. I was wondering what the original caps that came on the car in 66 were like.

One cap has the S on the rivet and is stamped NOT VENTED, that is the only lettering or stamping. It looks similar to the reproduction one; but has no red lettering. The gasket on the inside is rubber with a large rivet and it came in a stant box with the number G-32E. Is this what the 66 chevelle came with or a NOS replacement.

The other gas cap from the junk yard is stamped NOT-VENTED, also stamped with the letters F & E on the turn handle. on the inside there are 4 little spot welds , it has some kind of fiber gasket with a brass ring behind the fiber gasket. Anyone know about this cap?

On the PS Caps besides the one I believe is original, I have one another remote reserivor cap that is Just like the gas cap above with the F & E stamping; but the top is stamped VENTED. Could this also be an original or is it just a old replacement or just an old cap that happens to fit? Thanks.
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