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Orig Paint dilemma

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Hey guys. Just wondering what I should do. I have a 67 SS Tahoe Turq. w/ its orig. paint, but its scratched a little (all orig body, no rust at all. Just 1 deep scratch and a few that won buff out) I dunno if I should repaint over a survivor body & paint. It just bugs me knowing about those blemishes. Should I swallow my pride, paint it, or get touch up paint. Like I said its orig. body and i'm afraid if I dont cover this one big scratch it may rust. Alsol, the chrome has been discoloring on the bumpers (not so shiny) should I rechrome or is there some type of a miracle wax? Lastly, how do I get former, non-orig stripe goo off the sides (atrleast I dont think the stripes were orig. fdidnt find the buioldsheet yet, but was peeled off before I got it. They were white stripes on the lower pas\rt of body from front to rear) I am intending on showing this car and having it scored for originality (dunno how that goes about the rules?) thanks and appreciate it
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Gas? Wouldnt that make things worse for the future?
No, the paint is not faded. Not in the least bit. Still shiny from the day it left (been garage kept and never driven, but I don wanna get into that story until I post pics) i'm just afraid the paint will get damaged or blemished. I mean i'm dealin w/ a scratch that is real close to bare metal. the others i'm not worried about. Its as big as.. hmm. the size of a button on a dress shirt (more of a chip, but is there a diff. between the two? Both damage and both suck!) Not to mention, I dont see that color combo much anywhere. I dunno if its a rare color or not, but I want it original w/o making damage or re do it the right way. Thanks
I dunno. I took a pic of it to a well known resto shop in my town and he said repaint the whole thing, which I think is a big pile of horse (censored), which when I called before about it the said they do "chip and scratch repair", but I suspect he knows what he could do (unless the base of the paint wont work w/ anything being so old)! I think theres another way of doin it besides spending almost 10g's for factory paint job just for a chip the size of a button. I mean I know if its bad, you gotta do the whole car to make it look right, but come on! Theres gotta b somethinelse I can do! This is orig. survivor body & paint!
well its near the SS emblem on the rear quarter about an inch or more away. Where can I find one of these guys in my state? Its obvious the shop I just took the pic to is run by donkeys.
By the way thanks for the suggestion. I heard from a few peeps they couldnt make a match that would be perfect cuz it was lead based (??) I am NOT a paint guy.
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