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Orig Paint dilemma

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Hey guys. Just wondering what I should do. I have a 67 SS Tahoe Turq. w/ its orig. paint, but its scratched a little (all orig body, no rust at all. Just 1 deep scratch and a few that won buff out) I dunno if I should repaint over a survivor body & paint. It just bugs me knowing about those blemishes. Should I swallow my pride, paint it, or get touch up paint. Like I said its orig. body and i'm afraid if I dont cover this one big scratch it may rust. Alsol, the chrome has been discoloring on the bumpers (not so shiny) should I rechrome or is there some type of a miracle wax? Lastly, how do I get former, non-orig stripe goo off the sides (atrleast I dont think the stripes were orig. fdidnt find the buioldsheet yet, but was peeled off before I got it. They were white stripes on the lower pas\rt of body from front to rear) I am intending on showing this car and having it scored for originality (dunno how that goes about the rules?) thanks and appreciate it
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If its original single stage can he just lightly scuff it, touch it up real good either by brush or spray then color sand the touch up to smooth it?
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