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Optional NK-4 steering wheel 71/72
*** SOLD ***

I have a complete 71/72 4 spoke steering wheel for sale. This was an option on 71 and 72 Chevelles. It was option NK-4. This wheel is in excellent condition. The price is $150.00 plus the actual cost of shipping. Payable by U.S. Postal Money order or Paypal only. No others accepted. To view my feed back simply click on my user name in this add RealRed70 and it will come up on your on your right. Please check out the other ads from this seller. To contact me please click on contact seller at the top of this ad.
Thank you.

Asking Price: $150.00
Condition: Excellent

Spoke Steering part Steering wheel Wheel Rim Spoke Wheel Rim Alloy wheel Auto part Fuel line Hose Wire Cable

City: Hartford
State: Wisconsin
Displayed Email: [email protected]
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