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Opinions on 70 collision damage repair

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Hey all -

I was hoping to get some opinions on repairing the damage to the side of this 70 Chevelle. I realize that its hard to get an idea from just the pix, but are there any body guys that can offer their .02? First off, I will need a shop to repair the roof damage. The roof damage is confined to the area above the quarter window. There are no buckles or wrinkles in the roof other than in the sail panel where it would be cut off anyway. How complicated is is to have the edge of the roof and drip rail area pulled back in place and straightened? Any ideas on the cost of this part of the repair?

Also, on the lower damage, the quarter will obviously be replaced, and I would like to tackle that on my own. I would need a shop to pull out the damage to the rocker area, pull back or replace the inner panel where the quarter window tracks mount, and pull out one slight wrinkle in the floor pan at the front edge of the seat bottom. Will it be tough to find a shop that would be willing to pull the inner section, floor, and rocker area back into place without doing the outer quarter? If I remove the outer quarter and test-fit it into place and temporarily attach with screws will it make it easier for a shop or make them more likely to perform the other straightening? Any rough ballpark figures on time/cost on this aspect of the repair?

BTW - the door is obviously junk and will be replaced. No apparent damage to the hinge pillar area.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Hey Rainer is that the car you needed hauled? I was thinking about calling you and saying if you got a car dolly rented we could strap the nose onto the dolly and haul her home. Maybe on the way you could swing by a collision shop and see if they would do you up an estimate. I have buddy down here that owns a chain of collision centers (and a towing company) that does really good work. Fixed Old Blue in 2k.
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