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Opinions needed factory 327 340 HP intake

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I came across an aluminum factor sb chevy intake years ago at a swap meet and purchased it along with a carter afb 4bbl. I was going to use it for the 66 nova ss I was building but went with a performer rpm instead.

I dug it out of the attic last month and looked up the casting #3794129 which tells me it is for a 1964 340 HP 327 corvette. It seems to be very rare and I would like to make sure it finds its way to someone doing a #s matching project. I had it on ebay but did not get much action which probably makes sense if it is rare, only someone building that car with that engine would want it.

I would like opinions and any help in making sure this piece of history finds a correct home. It is in very good condition and from what I have found out not easy to come by. I have no use for it but would like to get what it is worth, suggestions and opinions are welcome. Anyone with more information about the intake (how rare? what is it worth?) please chime in. I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this post but I know there is alot of knowledge here. :cool:


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Please get off board and shoot me a PM [email protected]
Shoot me a price and a picture IM a buyer I could use one
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