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OPG Bucket Seats

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Has anyone bought the complete bucket seats Original Parts Group has? They want $2,000 for the pair with head rests. I'm going from a bench seat in my 69 El Camino, and wonder if it would be worth the money or if I should look for a set to rebuild.:confused: Also, anyone used the OPG complete 4 speed console kit?
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The reproduction console kits are ok in a pinch, but a nice original is far better as far as form and fit. You have to make the repro parts fit. The chrome strip on the console door pops off on alot of repro doors. The price for the buckets is high, but it is all new repro. Does it need to be all new? Probably not-saving you alot of money. Rebuilding a nice set of core seats is the way to go. I just restored this set of Cutlass seats for alot less than $2000.00 and they are very nice originals.


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