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My BB small valve heads need an upgrade. I'd love to put in a valvespring that could handle both hydraulic {current} and solid flat tappet cams. I have about 1.55 spring pocket diameter, and the stock installed height with stock retainers {tightest one} can be 1.930, with no shim. Is it safe to put a tall installed height in for the hydraulic, and tighten it up for a solid? Any recomendations? It would be nice to grow engine power in the future. Current cam is a single pattern Engle hydraulic, 540 lift and 238 duration. Funny TRW flat top forged pistons {with goofy cutback radius}, old Wieand dual plane, worked Qjet, small chamber #390 heads with brand new street port job, i.e. bowles blended, short turns radiused, and exhaust port opened. The pistons sit a little down in the hole, and it runs on regular, but really likes premium, for some reason.
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