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Old radio with new speakers

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I've read coppertop's posts regarding new 4 ohm speakers being used with vintage radios but he only speaks of wiring 2 speakers in series to get the 8 ohm minimum the radio needs. I want to hook up 4. Do I just splice into the leads and feed the 2 additional speakers or is there a certain "+ to -" method that I should use. BTW, the radio is NOT am/fm stereo; just am/fm with NO factory front to rear fader.

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Thanks for the info John. So, there is no correct way to do what I want, right? I thought I could possibly just tap the wires going to each speaker (which are now wired in series) and feed 2 more. Oh, well. It's an elky so it doesn't really matter that much. I'll just feed the 2 6x9's behind the seat.
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