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Old radio with new speakers

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I've read coppertop's posts regarding new 4 ohm speakers being used with vintage radios but he only speaks of wiring 2 speakers in series to get the 8 ohm minimum the radio needs. I want to hook up 4. Do I just splice into the leads and feed the 2 additional speakers or is there a certain "+ to -" method that I should use. BTW, the radio is NOT am/fm stereo; just am/fm with NO factory front to rear fader.

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The proper way to phase speakers is +0-+0- when hooking 2 of them up in series. Part of the reason you may not have gotten any responses is getting the proper impedance using four 4 ohm speakers. Two 4 ohm speakers works out to 8 ohms in series.
With four 4 ohm speakers there is no series/parallel combination that works out to 8 ohms. I'm assuming that you want to hook up 4 speakers on one output.
If you are hooking the 4 (4 ohm) speakers up to one output (one channel) there is no way to achieve 8 ohms.
4 speakers in series = 16 ohms
2 speakers in series with 2 speakers in parallel = 4 ohms
3 speakers in series with one parallel across them = 3 ohms
There's a couple of other odd combinations but still can't do 8 ohms.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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