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If You Guys And Gals Only Had One More Chance To Listen To A Live Concert And There Could Only Be 5 Performers What Would They Be????????

Here's Mine

No.1 Kiss

No.2 April Wine

No.3 Ozzy Osbourne

No.4 Sweet

No.5 Metallica

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1. Beethoven
2. Mozart
3. Santana
4. Jimmy Buffett
5. U2
5a. Beatles
5b. Led Zeppelin
5c. Police (maybe soon)
5d. Creed
5e. JJ Cale

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1) Cheap Trick
2) Red Hot Chili Peppers
3) Hank Sr
4) Patsy Cline
5) Ray Charles

Not neccesarily in that order.

I like FameSS's list except for the 5's (with the exceptoin of Creed), but the reason I didn't put Mozart or Beethoven was the probability of a lack of good restroom's and T-shirt vendors.

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1. skynyrd (w/Ronny)
2. sabbeth (w/Ozzy)
3. Van Halen (w/DLR)
4. Travis Tritt
5. Aaron Neville

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In no certain order...

1. Kiss

2. AC/DC

3. Def leppard

4. Aerosmith

5. I'll have to get back to you on that last one...;)

monte 72...hmmm...don't I know you from somewhere? :waving:
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