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oil to the top end

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My buddy has a 355 that he just put a new cam in. The engine he bought from me. It was originally built by Pat Musi as a crate 350. I can verify the engine only has about 5000 miles on it, but it wasn't run in about 8 or 9 years. He took it all apart cleaned everything, which all looked great, no rust anywhere. Put in the new cam (which is a comp 262XE), new timing set, and springs and new roller rockers. He reused the pushrods.

Last weekend we started the engine and broke in the cam. Seems as though everything went fine.

I went to readjust the lash and found what may or may not be a problem. The passenger side, I noticed one rocker, I think it was #6exhaust, spraying a ton of oil and the rest barely spraying any if any at all.

What would cause this? When we primed the engine ahead of time, we had oil at all but 2 rockers and immedietly started it. Is this alright? The engine runs smooth and doesn't make any noises. By the way it has a moroso 7 quart pan and a standard volume oil pump on it. Other than the things mentioned, nothing changed from what was there originally.

Thanks guys, Jeff
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