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oil to rockers

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Anyone tell me about how long it takes to get the oil to the rockers on a cold start. I use 20W 50 Valvoline, K & M filter. and have Crane rollers. The oil pressure guage will go to 80 lbs within 5 seconds.
Today I started the motor to adjust the valves and thought it took to long to get the oil up there. Its been sitting for about 5 weeks. Motor has been running fine the last 6k miles since it has been rebuilt. Its a 396. I know with the stock rockers it pumped up pretty fast but I believe the stock rockers have a larger oil hole than the Carnes.
Anything to worry about????
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If you're talking about the rocker arms and not the lifters, the roller rocker arms should not affect how long it takes the oil to get up top.
Can you hear the bearings rattling when it first starts? If not I wouldn't worry about it. Why the heavy oil? Try a lower viscosity oil. Heavier oil takes a little longer to establish pressure.
When the engine hasn't been fired for a long period, pull the coil wire and ground it out or disable the ignition and crank until oil pressure is established. Then enable the spark and fire her up.
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