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oil pickup tube question?

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i just put a replacement pan on my 454 and i also put a melling pickup that just slides into the pump then i tacked it. will this be ok i hear alot of controversy on other boards saying this isnt ok and if its not im going to take it back apart. is there a better pickup out there for a stock style pan? and also should i just have a standard volume pump? thanks
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i read that you cant tack steel to cast and it will eventually break and fall out
That is somewhat true depending on how you welded it. It really needs to be either brazed or tig welded with a bronze type filler rod. I have seen tack welds made with a Mig crack.

Also, the pickup should not just "slide" into the pump. It is a pretty tight press fit and if done properly should stay in place by itself in most applications. BUT ... it is very hard to get it aligned properly and pressed in like the factory does, even with the Melling tools.
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