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oil pickup tube question?

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i just put a replacement pan on my 454 and i also put a melling pickup that just slides into the pump then i tacked it. will this be ok i hear alot of controversy on other boards saying this isnt ok and if its not im going to take it back apart. is there a better pickup out there for a stock style pan? and also should i just have a standard volume pump? thanks
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Clone The pick up has to be positioned right ,now for a melling stock type push in and tack weld picup tube ,the measurement is that the flat metal part facing the pan bottom needs to be a 1/2 inch away from the bottom of the pan including the gasket.When i did this for a living i had a bunch of old bad pans cut out on the side ,so that i could be exact and do it quickly. ALEX:D:thumbsup:
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