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I have had an intermittent electrical problem with the power to my 64's taillights, brake lights, and interior/dash lights -at random and usually inconvenient times they would all simply quit. Like once every 2-3 weeks.
When I went to troubleshoot, they would come back on, thus nothing to troubleshoot right then.
I checked grounds, switches, connectors, fuse block - all to no avail. I was ready to unwrap the harness and find the broken wire. Luckily, they went out again and did not come back on - now I could trouble shoot; the fuse was bad.
I had checked it several times before, but what I found was no discoloration of the strip inside, tight end caps - looked perfect , but if stressed (sort of try to bend it), it would make sometimes and not sometimes. I would have never guessed.

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