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Hi to all on my first post here as this is a great resource. I have a fresh but old (stored for 4 years) 406 assembled short block that has o-rings machined. I purchased the engine from a guy that was going to use it on a third gen but lost interest. I have read all posts here on the subject and on other forums, and am looking for additional opinions (on a budget) on removal since copper head gaskets do not seem to be optimal for the street. The block was decked and piston height set per the paperwork that came with from the machine shop so I would rather not tear it down if I don't have to. My plan is to run some Dart Pro heads and drive it for cruise and Power Tour type events. I have heard and read everything from trying to remove them (which seems impossible) and just running a regular head gasket to filing them down (which seems scary).

Sorry for the long message but I wanted to give as much information as I could to save many exchanges.

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